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Employee Engagement - The Culture Calculator™

Now, more than ever, a business needs to understand the needs and perceptions of its own workforce so that the skills, experience and potential of every employee can be harnessed. Employee engagement is an issue that all organisations have to get to grips with if they are to succeed in today`s market-place.

At Attention to Retail Ltd we have developed an innovative product that helps you to do just that! The Culture Calculator™ will enable you to discover the unique DNA of your business and measure the improvements as you make the changes.

Our unique profiling process provides your people with the voice and the opportunity to uncover and share what they think, perceive and understand about the business they work in. Their thoughts are communicated directly and indirectly to your customers – it’s in the things they say and do, and, crucially, in the way they say and do things – so it’s important that you know what and how they are feeling if you’re going to get the best from them. If you are dealing with issues such as under performance, falling sales, demotivated workforce, high absence levels, poor retention, poor public image…. then we have the solution in SWOT UP™.

Attention to Retail Ltd will work with your organisation to get to the bottom of the issues, find the opportunities and improve ‘the way you do things’.

One of only two products of its kind on the market, The Culture Calculator™ will:

- identify issues AND opportunities from the ground floor up to the executive management team

- provide actual perceptions and views from your staff ensuring ‘buy in’ at all levels

- provides a measure of your organisations unique Business DNA

- provide an easy to understand picture of current perceptions

- identify a way forwards that fully aligns with GOSPA® business goals

- provide a continuous measurement of your progress towards change

The benefits are:

- improved staff morale and motivation - listening makes a difference!

- engaged employees

- improved performance translating into improved sales

- full ‘buy in’ at all levels helping to create common goals and a cohesive workforce

- opportunity to obtain an honest view of your organisation

- unique method of measuring your culture and the changes that everyone will understand

- clear return on investment

- often produces EUREKA moments!

So, if you would like a short demonstration of how The Culture Calculator™ can support your organisation, or just want some more information, contact us now.


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